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Matching People With Opportunity

Commission Enterprises Inc - Matching People With Opportunity


The first question we ask is, “What does success look like?” We believe every program begins with a clear understanding of the goals so that a full before-during-after pathway can be constructed and proper measurement tools created. This is actually the most intensive phase of our process. We always seek to first understand then be understood, so we begin with extensive interviews of your executive, internal team, (customers and potential customers, if appropriate) so we have a complete picture of the history of previous initiatives, what the program should look like, and how the program will impact the organization upon completion. From interviews with your team and ours we will build strategic plans to meet your goals and determine what needs to be accomplished. We look to maximize every opportunity and impact all aspects of your business ensuring that the strategy meets immediate and long term growth objectives. In this creative phase we will also discuss and plan these aspects of your program.

  • Locations– key traffic areas, creation of presence in new markets, where to get the best strategic bang for your dollar. We’ll do the research and produce the best location strategy for maximum effect.
  • Timing– we’ll discuss how to time activities so we get the best return, seasonal appropriateness, avoid conflicts, and position the campaign strategically in your overall marketing plans.
  • Creation of scripts– we are experts of finding the right thing to say and the right way to say it. We create and then rehearse every aspect of how your product, service and brand will be represented.
  • Creation or use of special promotional items– we have access in a wide variety of unique promotional and specialty items that can be incorporated into the campaign that will leave a lasting impression with your customer.
  • Current competitive environment– we plan campaigns with an understanding of your competitive landscape. Should it be a response to a competitive initiative, a pro-active move to snap up awareness, we discuss all aspects including potential competitive responses to your campaign so action plans can be in place.
  • Team demographic profile requirement– it is important to have people that identify with the demographic profile of the customers you want to reach.
  • Media requirements and opportunities – we will look to capitalize whenever possible on creating media awareness around the campaign or coordinate supporting media through our media buying department.

Once we have a clear picture of what needs to be accomplished we will create a detailed budget and project timeline plan for implementation in our mobilization phase. The final result of this process will be delivered in our strategic brief which is submitted and signed off prior to start of the campaign.