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Matching People With Opportunity

Commission Enterprises Inc - Matching People With Opportunity

What We Do

Commission Enterprises, Inc. specializes in the creation and implementation of “guerrilla” sales and marketing programs that require direct market and consumer contact. Our core competency, in fact it’s a passion, is delivering turn-key programs that produce results in very tight time frames. Whether it is new product introduction, merchandising program, increased brand awareness campaign, new market launch, event production/sampling, in store trials, interactive vehicles, trade shows, university campus program, credit card acquisition program or a specific effort to drive sales, the Commission Enterprises mobile street army is there.


While there are many companies that can put warm bodies in place, Commission Enterprises puts a time proven process and team into action. Regardless of the size of the campaign we apply our proven “Strategize, Mobilize, Analyze” process to every project. We blend the art and science of sales and marketing into a results oriented, turn-key campaign that delivers on the promise and protects your brand. To see if we are right for you click here.

Kiosk & Retail Marketing

Marketing to this dynamic audience takes experience. What’s in can quickly become what’s out. It is much more than just selling to a niche market, it is developing a campaign built on understanding all cultures. Hitting the mark with the retail market can yield excellent long-term results, being off-centre can be a costly mistake. Commission Enterprises provides a full campaign solution beginning with accurate research and strategy development through site and staff selection.

CEI has developed a national reputation for developing creative and effective kiosk marketing campaigns. Put that experience to work for your program!

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Credit Card Acquisition Programs

Credit card promotion, intercept programs, and tableing have long been a core CEI specialty. We supply total turn-key solutions for our clients; from staffing, incentive creation, location set-up, to application qualifying and submission. We have the expertise to deliver qualified credit applications and to up-sell additional services.  CEI has achieved some of the highest approval rates and up-selling rates of value added insurances, achieving approval rates as high as 87% on some campaigns and credit card insurance acceptance by credit card applicants as high as 80%.  CEI doesn’t just put bodies out to distribute applications; we have a proven process that generates higher sales, greater uptake of additional services, and superior return on the program.

Make the most of your promotion opportunity by getting CEI’s years of successful credit card promotion programming to start your campaign off right.

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Door-to-Door Programs

With the realization of telephone “Do Not Call” lists it is becoming increasingly more difficult to connect with consumers and business people. An emerging trend is the deployment of very professional, highly skilled door-to-door canvassers to drive product sales and brand awareness.

Coordinating, training and motivating these teams to produce results is at the very core of CEI’s proven capabilities. CEI has the experience in knowing precisely how to implement these programs such as the best days and times to canvass, who sells more products; male, female, young and mature and what geographic and demographics respond best to door-to-door sales. Put CEI’s experience to work for you and avoid the costly mistakes of trying to manage these programs in-house.

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Corporate Events & Product Launches

Want an event that makes people sit up and take notice? Wouldn’t you like them to talk about a launch long after it was complete? Our principals cut their teeth in the business in 2003 delivering events and launches that were creative and distinct. What separates Commission Enterprises from other companies is our ability to present your company or product in a memorable way while keeping a strict eye on your budget. Bigger is not better. Throwing more money around is not the science of successful corporate events and launches. It is to create value and equity in every phase of the program so the event or launch has life prior to the event and extended presence following the event. We are sticklers for details and leave our clients free to run their business while they enjoy peace of mind that their event or launch is being professionally handled.

CEI approaches every event as something unique and the same painstaking detail that goes into script creation for our presentations goes into your event. Give your customers something they can talk about by having CEI design your event.

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Merchandising is part science – part art. Do your retailers present your product so it passes the “six foot test”? Do they utilize all the elements of your brand? CEI delivers a merchandising strategy that makes it easy for retailers to position, display, and sell your product in the most effective manner while ensuring your brand and standards are maintained.

CEI provides you with the following comprehensive merchandising services:

  • Provide in-store sales staff to demonstrate and sell more of your products. This includes hiring, training, paying wages and deductions, managing inventory and supervision.
  • Develop merchandising and sales strategies/point-of-sale materials.
  • Visit store locations for inventory management and re-stocking.
  • Conduct product knowledge and sales training programs targeted at retailers.
  • Provide comprehensive reporting and feedback.
  • Create eye-catching POP materials that will sell more of your product.

CEI has provided merchandising support to some of the best known brands in the country. Whether it is a multi-store new product launch or a “silent shopper” campaign we have the expertise to elevate your merchandising program.

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Product Sales & Demonstrations

A product demonstration is often your first contact with the customer. It is critical that everything from the quality of staff representing you, to making sure your product is presented the way you want, is done to perfection. CEI has created demonstration programs for a wide variety of clients from national chains to start-up companies.

CEI does not just hire people to hand out samples, we bring specialized experience in retailing strategy and placement. Our staff will not only know the product; they will know about your company and its values, the industry and the competition. Our clients and their customers are always impressed at how well we match their products with the right CEI staff. Your product will be presented with the same enthusiasm and pride as if you had done it yourself. You can’t afford anything else with your first line of customer contact. Let CEI’s expertise and passion bring outstanding delivery into your product demonstration strategy.

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