Commission Enterprises Inc

Matching People With Opportunity

Commission Enterprises Inc - Matching People With Opportunity


We hand pick a team of marketing and sales savvy people to implement your campaign. We take your brand very seriously so we insure that your standards and our own are strictly adhered to. We have a large force representing a diverse cross section of talent so regardless of the market strategy we will put together a team with the right mix of experience and “demographic fit”. Most importantly our customers usually need to move quickly, so we have a constant pool of “on call” talent that we can put into action quickly. In one case, we were able to respond to a client’s needs in as little as 48 hours. In another, we established a longer term program that put a team in place for a number of months without absorbing any internal resources.

Whether it is for a weekend or a six month program across the country, your “Mobile Street Army” will be in place, on time, and well prepared. We go through extensive orientation and briefing with each member of the team – then rehearse to get it right. You will be able to follow along with the project timeline plan as the other aspects of the campaign are brought together.